Custom E-Learning Training Solutions

Train your dealer technicians quickly and consistently with individual training solutions from Ken Cook Co. Our easy-to-manage training programs are completely customized and effectively teach and certify trainees, track their progress and keep records of their certifications.

Ken Cook Co. prepares your e-learning program – from beginning to expert skill levels – for present and future standards throughout industrial, military and commercial markets.

With E-Learning Programs You Can:

  • Develop computer-based training, web-based training or blended training kits
  • Add video, animation and audio
  • Deliver training materials via Internet, Intranet, CD, DVD or learning management systems (LMS)
  • Schedule training at the employer's or employee's convenience
  • Track trainee or student records
  • Produce and distribute training materials directly from Ken Cook Co.


Ken Cook Co.'s Training Aids and Devices

  • Instructor's Guides
  • Lesson Plans and Class Schedules
  • Skill Enhancement Aids
  • Student Materials
  • Tests and Certificates
  • Other Training Devices