Needs Analysis

Are your product documents working as hard as they should be to meet — and even exceed — your customers’ expectations? Ken Cook Co. can ensure your company’s content is accurate, relevant, readable, well-organized and meets the needs of your users. We step back to look at your product documents in their entirety, including both information and processes, to offer insight as to where you can achieve improved customer satisfaction and potential cost savings.

Our team will analyze the following processes:

  • Design — Every document in your inventory represents your brand. We’ll review them for consistency, duplicate information and relevancy. In addition to style and layout, we’ll make recommendations on content for each document type to ensure your message is understood and reinforces your brand.


  • Documents — If you have current publications in the marketplace, we’ll review them for style, content, safety and grammar, and make recommendations to ensure you’re putting your company’s best foot forward.

needs analysis
  • Safety Information — As an experienced developer of operator safety training programs and participant in product safety conferences, we understand safety. We’ll review your safety messages within your publications and product safety labels against ANSI and ISO standards and make recommendations to ensure the safe operation of your products. The result is improved customer satisfaction, along with reduced potential for product liability litigation.


  • Fulfillment & Distribution — Product support materials are a lifeline between you and your customers after the sale. Your customers want information quickly and are willing to pay for it, especially when equipment is down and productivity is diminished. How you support your products can often make the difference between a disgruntled customer and a repeat buyer. Ken Cook Co. can help improve your customer satisfaction index by reviewing your support materials and making recommendations that will increase customer satisfaction.


  • Information Delivery Analysis — The Internet has forever changed how people look for and access information. Tools such as smartphones and tablet computers make it even easier to access information on the go. Is your content available when and where your customers need it? Ken Cook Co. can work with you to determine how your information should be structured and what types of media you should consider to keep current with industry standards. Click here to read more about our Mobile App Development.


  • Printed Products — With people turning to the Internet for information, coupled with the need for more frequent content updates as technology speeds forward, print runs are getting smaller and more expensive. We can review your printed information and history to make recommendations to save money on print while still meeting scheduling and market demands. Click here to read more about our media1off® on-demand printing services.


  • Specification / Standards Requirement — If your product documentation or training needs to meet a published standard such as ANSI, MILSPECS, ISO or CE, we can work with your compliance staff to ensure content meets these requirements.