Technically speaking, Ken Cook Co. has you covered.

Every touch point you have with your customer or end-user is an opportunity for your company to reinforce the professional, quality image you work hard to maintain. Your product documentation should only help these efforts.  

Your product documentation should be clear, concise, complete and easy to understand. It should answer questions instead of creating them. It should make your products easier and safer to use, and your customers happier to use them.

After over 67 years in the technical writing industry, we understand how important product documentation is to your brand, your customer satisfaction, the safety of your end-users and more.

Our technical writers have developed industry-leading expertise in areas such as:

  • Hyrdaulics
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Software
  • Business processes

tech writing

Whether your customers are in your state or around the world, we apply appropriate standards (such as ANSI and ISO), language translations and formats to products such as: 

·         Service manuals

·         Owner/operator manuals

·         Technical bulletins

·         Parts Catalogs

·         Custom Training Aids & Devices

·         And more!  

Plus, when you’re ready to deliver your product documentation, Ken Cook Co. can help as well. Whether you’re looking for CDs, DVDs, web-based solutions, printed manuals or even training manuals and aids, we’ll deliver. 

Email or call us at 414-466-6060 today to see how we can work with your company
to develop custom product documentation.  

When it comes to Technical Writing, we wrote the book — 

5 steps to creating your ultimate product documentation 

1. Document Analysis. We review your current publications for style, content, safety and grammar, from which we make recommendations so you have an understanding of the scope of the project up front.

 2. Safety Information Analysis. We review safety messages within your publications and product safety labels on your equipment against ANSI standards, from which we make recommendations for updates, so your final product is in accordance with safety and industry standards.

3. Research. Our writers analyze your product information, as well as that of your competitors’ — we’ll even visit your facility to work with a machine or product to get a full understanding of how it functions. We then establish a relationship with a subject matter expert (SME) to ensure your product information is as accurate and complete as possible. After which, you receive an outline of the documentation which includes the total project scope.

4. Technical Edit
. We work with any text you supply to ensure it’s clear, concise and in a consistent, active voice. We make sure the language is understandable for your end-user, whether that involves explaining industry jargon or rewriting text that was translated into English from another language.

5. Authoring. At this point, we fill in any blanks with new text or rewrite existing text to make sure the documentation addresses the needs of your end user. We also include any supporting illustrations to help the end-user more easily understand any difficult or complicated tasks. We edit and proofread our work to ensure your brand is always presented in the best, most professional manner. We then submit the documentation for any necessary reviews including engineering, safety or legal, before submitting a draft to you for your comments and changes prior to creating the final draft.