Development is all about creating and delivering your product information. Regardless of platform, software application or management system, our creative team has the knowledge and skills to make your product information an invaluable resource for the end user. With a single source handling all your product support needs, delivery methods and media, you can confidently repurpose key information. This ensures a more accurate, consistent message, while saving time and reducing costs. 

Ken Cook Co. can help you with:  

  • Content, Data and Asset Management — Are you getting the most out of an important company asset — your data? With PTC Arbortext Content Manager, Ken Cook Co.’s content management system, and our Graphics Tracker, you can manage your company’s data and digital assets so they can be used for any application by people throughout your company. From text in multiple languages, to graphics in a variety of formats, we can create a customized, secure online website where access is available 24/7. 
  • Design Services for Literature, Displays & Online — Is your website working for you or against you? If it’s too cluttered to find information or has confusing navigation, it’s not doing all it can to provide a positive customer experience. We specialize in simple, effective product support websites for information display and ordering. They’re easy to use and can even integrate with our media1off® print-on-demand services for
    immediate fulfillment and distribution. 

  • Graphics Creation, Illustrations & Renderings — Sometimes a picture says it all. When you need illustrations to enhance your product information, Ken Cook Co. can help. Our illustrators create accurate and helpful 3D modeling views, exploded views, orthographic line drawings, electrical and hydraulic schematics, cutaways and color renderings from your products, engineering drawings or CAD files. We can also create animation to demonstrate a process.  
  • Parts Catalog Development — Ken Cook Co. can create or enhance your parts catalog, beginning with the collection, conversion and development of your data, text, technical illustrations, graphics and other media. Our technical illustrators can create isometric views and parts lists from your existing engineering CAD files. We can also enhance your historical parts catalogs and create searchable electronic files for access via the web. Your customers can easily access parts information through searchable fields and can locate parts by viewing detailed illustrated parts breakdowns.
  • Safety Decal & Message Development — “Safety first” isn’t a cliché; it’s a priority for our customers. We understand the importance of clear and precise safety messages within your manuals and on your equipment. Our team of writers will review your existing safety information or create new safety content that meets domestic and international standards such as ANSI and ISO. 
  • Script Writing, Storyboarding & Video Production — When you need training tools that go beyond written manuals, Ken Cook Co. can help. We’ll work with you to produce a program to achieve your training goals. 
  • Technical Writing — When it comes to technical writing, Ken Cook Co. wrote the book. Your product documentation should be clear, concise, complete and easy to understand. It should answer questions instead of creating them. It should make your products easier and safer to use, and your customers happier to use them. Click here to read more about our complete Technical Writing services.
  • Training & E-Learning — Train your dealer technicians quickly and consistently with individual training solutions from Ken Cook Co. Our easy-to-manage training programs are completely customized and effectively teach and certify trainees, track their progress and keep records of their certifications. Click here to read more about our Training and E-Learning programs.
  • Translation — Your company products and services are global, so if your product information is going to serve the needs of all your customers, it needs to be in their native languages. Whether you need two languages or 32, Ken Cook Co. can help. Using powerful translation memory software that allows common information to be repurposed in other languages, you save money and make sure you have the content you need, in the necessary languages. 
  • Web Development & E-Commerce — Just because your customers need your product literature, doesn’t mean that you have to become an e-commerce expert. Let Ken Cook Co. handle your orders via phone, fax, e-mail or customized e-commerce site with secure online ordering. We’ll store your publications, pack them and ship them to anywhere in the world. Click here to read more about our E-Commerce solutions. 
  • iPhone, iPad and Android App Development — Smartphones and tablet computers have made it commonplace for customers to look for product information with a few taps of their fingertips. Make sure they have access to your product information when and where they need it with a Mobile App from Ken Cook Co. Click here to read more about our Mobile App Development services.