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Traditional printing has essentially become a commodity — the lowest price usually drives the decision on where to print. But with product information changing quickly and the need for mediums other than print, it’s time to turn to someone who can offer quick fulfillment and a host of other in-house services that work to save you time and money. That’s where Ken Cook Co. can help. 

We offer traditional printing in black-and-white or full color. But we also offer the latest print-on-demand options with media1off®.

media1off® seamlessly coordinates all content production functions from ordering to shipping, regardless of the order size. The end result can be a printed piece, digital download or one-off production. This eliminates the need to keep a warehouse full of printed materials and the expense of carrying overstocked, slow-moving or obsolete titles. And it’s cost effective. Click here to read more about media1off®.  
Ken Cook Co. can also help with your other replication and fulfillment needs, including:

  • Bindery — Attention to detail from start to completion is our specialty. We offer a wide range of finishing services including coil binding, collating, drilling, folding, kit building, mailing, padding, perfect binding, saddle stitching and scoring that are sure to make your product look as good as the content it contains.
  • Distribution & Kit Building — Whether you have a one-page letter in an envelope or a complicated binder build including tabs, brochures, letters, manuals, reply cards and CDs/DVDs, we take pride in finding the most efficient way of mailing or shipping your items at the best cost to you. 
  • Replication — Whether you need replications of black-and-white or full-color print publications such as sell sheets or small brochures, or CDs/DVDs, we can produce the quantity you need, when you need it. 
  • Warehousing — When you don’t have the space or time to devote to literature fulfillment and storage, let us take care of it for you. Our modern 19,000-square-foot warehouse facility allows us to store and manage your current and historic literature. Plus, we can easily reprint items when inventory stock declines. 
  • Teardown Facility — We have a teardown facility large enough to hold our customers’ products and heavy equipment so our staff has direct access to and can reference products whenever needed. The facility is complete with a special photography studio, as well as work stations for writers and illustrators — all in an effort to better know your products so we can better meet your needs.