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With technology, if you’re not ahead, you’re behind. Ken Cook Co. has been ahead of the technology curve ever since we invested in our first mainframe in the 1960s. We understand that technology can make processes more efficient, help produce better outcomes and save money, which is why we’ve been dedicated to building custom applications for the last 20 years.  

Today, our data center is second to none in the industry for secure hosting. In fact, 15 percent of our staff is in information technology, and they’ve developed several technologies for internal and external use in all areas of publishing, printing and warehousing. You can confidently turn to us to create a custom application to fit your specific needs.


Our current custom application solutions include:

  • AdBuilder — Ken Cook. Co. AdBuilder provides everything your dealers need to create customer ads, direct mail pieces, flyers and other creative pieces to promote your products. The AdBuilder walks your dealers through the process of creating pieces from corporate approved templates by allowing them to add photos and text. Once created, the pieces are processed, printed and shipped directly from Ken Cook Co. to the dealer, so you don't have to manage any part of the process, yet can still ensure the look and feel of every piece reinforces your brand. 
  • Cook Fulfillment System (CFS) — This live inventory/warehouse management system allows you to easily manage inventory, orders, pick & pack and shipping. You can use this CFS system in conjunction with your current business system, or use it with our media1off® for a total subscription and distribution system. Features are completely customizable and can include order entry, multiple user levels, sales tax management, shipping system integration, reporting, media-on-demand production, custom one-off print materials, custom CD/DVD creation and more. 
  • Document Management System (DMS) — Your project team can post files, share comments and information and track the history of all projects — regardless of time of day or location — with Ken Cook Co.’s Document Management System. With just an Internet connection and a standard web browser, this system can help reduce the time and complexity of projects while documenting workflows to notify stakeholders as the project progresses. 
  • eXprep — This custom application allows you to automatically convert files to alternate media, and includes the ability to produce dynamic file conversions on the fly for single-input, multiple-output solutions. 
  • eXprint — Automatically prepare your documents for printing with this custom application. It assures your document has the correct cover, paper, binding and more for each document type, reducing the opportunity for costly errors. 
  • Graphics Tracker — Have your company’s graphics at your fingertips — even when you’re not in the office — with this custom application. Graphics Tracker provides a central location for file management that sorts, backs up, generates multiple file formats and allows remote access through any web browser. It features thumbnail displays for accurate identification, automatic file number and version control, plus associated metadata so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. 
  • Image Gallery — Give your dealers greater flexibility in developing marketing content, and share common information and branding efforts directly from your corporate headquarters with the Ken Cook Co. Image Gallery. Whether you have 1,500 or 15,000 files, the Image Gallery allows you to easily track corporate graphics and images from one central repository, saving you time locating files. Any authorized user, dealer or corporate employee can quickly locate product- or part-specific graphics for all images used in your marketing pieces and catalogs. Just upload your files to our web-based application (which can be a part of your company website or a standalone site), and the Image Gallery will convert them to the formats needed.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) — Automatically track and manage the progress of your training programs whether they’re in the next conference room or on the next continent. Our LMS is programmed with your training course requirements and provides the appropriate training segment to your students on demand via the Internet. The system also manages testing and can be integrated with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) for e-learning systems. 
  • media1off® — This cutting-edge technology seamlessly coordinates all content production functions from ordering to shipping regardless of the order size. The end result can be a printed piece, digital download or one-off production. This eliminates the need to maintain a warehouse full of printed materials and the expense of carrying overstocked, slow-moving or obsolete titles. And it’s cost effective. Click here to read more about about media1off®.
  • Product Support Web Sites — The support you provide after the sale is critical to ongoing customer satisfaction. Ken Cook Co. can help you make product information readily available with simple and easy-to-use websites designed specifically for you and your customers. 
  • Web Development & E-Commerce — Just because your customers need your product literature, doesn’t mean that you have to become an e-commerce expert. Let Ken Cook Co. handle your orders via phone, fax, e-mail or customized e-commerce site with secure online ordering. We’ll store your publications, pack and ship them to anywhere in the world. Click here to to read more about our E-Commerce solutions.