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Bobcat Pays Tribute Through Partner Recognition Program

Bobcat Pays Tribute Through Partner Recognition Program

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Bobcat Company recognizes Ken Cook Co. and others as top partners with letter sent through Partner Recognition Program.

Producing 1 million Bobcat® loaders not only is an unparalleled industry achievement that has impacted the livelihood of compact equipment users worldwide, but it has also touched the lives of thousands more who have designed, built and backed generations of the most popular compact loaders for nearly 60 years.

Bobcat Company marked this tremendous milestone with a formal ceremony on July 12, sharing the occasion with its valued employees and the community of Gwinner, North Dakota, home to Bobcat’s primary production facility. The company also celebrated with family members of those who invented the original loader, perfected the design, brought it to market and created the brand five decades ago. Past organizational leaders and hundreds of others who have been part of the Bobcat success story were also present at the event.


Through its Partner Recognition Program, Bobcat Company sent letters thanking its partners for their dedication and quality of service. Ken Cook Co. was recognized as one of Bobcat Company’s top partners.

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