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Discover Trends in Your Digital Storefront

Discover Trends in Your Digital Storefront

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Did you know that you can create powerful and easy-to-read reports from your digital bookstore? It's so easy and quick!

You’ve branded your digital storefront, offered a variety of useful products and literature to your customers, and earned profits. Meanwhile, the digital storefront transactions have generated lots of data behind the scenes. Now you need a way to gather that data and monitor how the digital storefront is doing. You need to know your top-selling products and best customers. You want to know what your successes and weak points are. How do you get your hands on that data without exhausting human resources and without taking up too much time?

Our powerful reporting capabilities are designed to help you build quality reports quickly. The digital storefront reporting features help you organize data into easy-to-read reports so you can understand your storefront’s inner workings and your customers’ preferences. You’ll be able to analyze historical data now so you can maximize digital storefront profits in the future.

The article “7 Ways to (Really) Know Your Customers” reaffirms the need for companies to use all of the data they can to get to know a customer. Start with your customers’ purchase histories … and go beyond that, including being proactive about what triggers them to make purchases.

Generate Reports On a Variety of Topics

You will find that digital storefront reports are as detailed as you want them to be. What would you like to examine?

• Who are your top customers?

• Who are your top dealers?

• What are your top-selling products?

• What are the busiest times of the day for purchases?

• What quantities do customers typically order?

• Where are your products being shipped?

Get detailed information instantly to help you gain insight about customer preferences and overall trends. You’ll be better able to make decisions about which pieces of literature and products are most helpful for your customers and whose shopping carts are the fullest.

Contact Us for More Details on Reports

Contact us for additional details about reporting and how it can benefit your organization and your digital storefront.