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Introducing Ricoh: Have You Met Ricoh?

Introducing Ricoh: Have You Met Ricoh?

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The secret to the success of our storefronts is our new Ricoh Pro C9110 digital press and what It can do for you and your customers.

Most cooks don’t reveal their secret ingredients, but we’re not shy. At Ken Cook Co., the secret to our storefronts is Ricoh … our new Ricoh Pro™ C9110 heavy-production digital press, that is. When your customers come to your storefront, they get one-stop shopping where they can purchase all kinds of technical and marketing information, including service and owner’s manuals, sales brochures, training guides, safety documents, parts catalogs, sell sheets, and newsletters. Not only do they get one-stop shopping, they also get much more from our Ricoh Pro C9110 machine with its exceptional printing capabilities and truly impressive results.

What Can Ricoh Do?

Speed: If your customers need printing done quickly, Ricoh is lightning-quick, handling up to 130 pages per minute.

Quality: Ricoh’s platform layout divides the imaging module from the fusing module, reducing the impact of heat and leading to a higher-quality image. Ricoh’s laser technology results in more realistic images, finer lines, and more vivid letters. The machine boasts accurate sheet-to-sheet and front-to-back registration with upgraded active registration, leading to a superior, finished, printed product for your customers. The auto media length feedback system reduces the impact of media shrinkage and corrects image magnification errors in duplex printing, resulting in a true-to-size, exceptionally printed product.

Color: Expect brilliant color, thanks to a 10% increase in the color reproduction area and a reduction in toner thickness, which spreads color evenly and absorbs light efficiently. Each color has twin cartridge ports for maximum productivity. Ricoh’s sensors perform automatic calibration to ensure color consistency while printing, outputting 16 gradations of color patches on the transfer belts between the pages. These features ensure impeccable color for your customers.

New Revenue Opportunities: Ricoh’s capabilities can even help you generate more revenue. The straight paper path layout reduces stress on media and allows printing of all kinds of products, including direct mail, books, promotional material, light packaging, brochures, business cards, and more. Imagine all of the new revenue-generating opportunities for you and the variety of products you will make available to your customers.

Flexibility: Your digital storefront customers can choose from a wide range of exciting media, including textured media, coated media, auto and duplex banner sheets, as well as high-gloss, metallic and synthetic printing. This flexibility in printing is due to Ricoh’s powerful design coupled with a new vacuum-fed paper tray. Your customers can also take advantage of the multi-folding unit, trimmer, ring binder, perfect binder, and more.

Best Value and Cost-Effective Options: Ricoh prints high-quality, short-run posters, six-page brochures, and schematics while also folding extended covers at an incredible value (13″ x 27″ maximum sheet size). Your customers can also have their 200-page full-bleed books saddle bound or square-back bound. All of these services are extremely cost-effective and require minimal human interference.

Your qualifying customers can even earn a free storefront based on potential printing volume produced with Ken Cook Co. We can also provide you and your customers a blended print and fulfillment solution, print-on-demand services, print and fulfillment services, and inventory of non-print items. We can even apply logic to each document (based on document specifications, order history or usage history) to deliver the most cost-effective options for each document to your customers.

Have Questions about Storefronts and Printing?

Contact us to learn more about what Ken Cook Co. storefronts and our new Ricoh can do for you and your cherished customers.