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Five Reasons You Need a Digital Storefront

Five Reasons You Need a Digital Storefront

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Here are five reasons why you need a digital storefront from Ken Cook Co. now to showcase your literature and other products.

Digital storefronts give your customers 24/7 access to your marketing and technical literature and other products. Building a digital storefront can be time-consuming, and maintaining one can be stressful. Consider a digital storefront from Ken Cook Co., which helps your company achieve its goals in five key ways:

1. Eliminate Printed Inventory

Using our print-on-demand eliminates your entire warehouse of printed publications and the expense of having to carry and manage overstocked, slow-moving or obsolete titles. Without stacks of literature cluttering up your office or warehouse, you have additional space for more important company endeavors.

2. Affordable Printing Solutions Save You Money and Time

When your customers or dealers need quality yet affordable printing done, they can count on us. Our state of the art production printers produce exceptional print quality without the high-end rates. Our advanced printing procedures are highly automated, reducing the potential for human errors, minimizing the time required for completion, decreasing human touch points, and therefore decreasing costs for your customers, all making for an extremely cost-effective solution.

3. Highly Automated Printer Capabilities Save You Time and Give You Lots of Options

The secret to the success of our digital storefronts is our Ricoh heavy-production digital press, which features:

Speed: Our digital print center produces up to 40,800 pages per hour.

Revenue-Generating Opportunities:Our state-of-the-art printers allow for the printing of all kinds of products, manuals, books, promotional material, brochures, business cards, and more. Imagine all of the new revenue-generating opportunities for you and your digital storefront customers.

Wide Range of Exciting Media: You and your digital storefront customers can choose from textured media, gloss, silk, satin, matte or uncoated coated media, from as thin as 20# bond to as thick as 14pt cover.

Value/Cost-Effectiveness: Take advantage of our ability to print and finish 200-page full bleed books inline. Your manuals will be cost effectively manufactured inline or near-line as perfect bound, square-back bound, saddle stitched, or coil bound. Our digital high-quality printers produce, short-run posters, six-page brochures, and schematics while also folding extended covers at an incredible value (13″ x 27″ maximum sheet size).

4. Digital Presence with Brand Recognition

Industry trends to move more material online is increasing customer experiences and reducing company costs. Your customers or dealers have the ability to order literature at a brand-specific storefront 24/7 without having to contact you. Printed copies or digital downloads, we can offer various media types. Our quick turn allows print orders to ship within 24 to 48 hours (more time may be required for larger volume).

5. Powerful Reporting Feature Helps You Make Key Decisions

Our powerful digital storefront reporting capabilities are designed to help you build quality reports and discover trends quickly. Organize this data into easy-to-read reports so you can understand your storefront’s inner workings and your customers’ preferences. You’ll be able to analyze data now so you can maximize digital storefront profits in the future.

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