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Tubing – It’s Not Just Like Water Skiing

Tubing – It’s Not Just Like Water Skiing

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Now that summer is upon us; boaters are in full force enjoying family fun on the water! While there are many types of watersports to be enjoyed from the boat, the popularity of “tubing” reigns supreme. You should know that tubes produce tremendous friction and subsequent loads that must be kept in mind; here are a few tips to remember when tubing:

  • Do not attach tube lines to a water ski pylon or wakeboard tow point. These items are not designed for the stress of a tube. Instead, use a tubing harness available from your dealer that connects to both stern eyes on the transom.
  • Use a tubing tow rope designed for the extra stress. Tubing tow ropes are shorter than water ski ropes.
  • Pull only one tuber at a time.
  • Use only a USCG-approved life jacket rated for high speed falls into the water.
  • Follow the guidelines in the boat owner’s manual for all watersports.
  • Turn the engine off before the tuber enters the water and whenever the tuber is near the boat. Have a lookout to tell you when it is safe to start the engine.
  • Do not “whip” the tuber intentionally to avoid injury from high-speed falls into the water.
  • When the tubing session is complete, be sure to securely tie down the tube to the boat.