Marine Industry Services

Marine is in our DNA! Since 1958, Ken Cook Co. has been a trusted provider of print documentation and training for boat builders and manufacturers of propulsion products and accessories. We’ve served and supported over 50 boat builders nationwide.

We’re Informed and Connected

As technology advances, systems become more complex and may pose a challenge to effectively communicate to the boat owner or service technician the things they need to know. Although engineers who design these systems possess extensive knowledge, they may have trouble conveying the detailed information to the end user in an easy-to-understand way. Throughout the process, your engineer subject matter expert will be involved in collaboration to extract the truly important information and present it in a manner suitable for the intended user.

The marine industry is somewhat specialized with its own jargon and terminology. We are well versed in various types of engines, transmissions and drives, boat types, systems and accessories. Being informed and connected allows us to stay at the forefront of new marine technologies and industry-related safety issues. Proud and active members of ABYC, NMMA, WSIA enable us to serve on various marine industry safety committees. Our experience working with various industry leaders grants us a deeper understanding of the special needs of compliance. We can get up to speed quickly on a project because we know the industry bow to stern. Leverage our knowledge and experience, to your advantage.

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Learn more about how we continue to stay ahead of emerging technologies, developing ways they can be used to better meet our clients’ needs.

Over 75 Years of Industry Experience

We have been “on the waters” for over 75 years providing quality support for technical and training products and information. Here are just a few services we continue to provide for our marine clients. 

Technical Authoring using your engineering data to create concise instructions

Digital Page Production for efficient and effective layout of information

In-House Printing and Bindery equipment geared for the needs of technical publications and quality control

On-Product Labels for the marine environment designed to industry standards

Technical Illustrations to support instructions from a variety of models, drawings and photos

Electronic Manuals created from the Owner’s Manual are perfect for onboard reference

Technical Language Translations in nearly any language using marine translators

We use industry-standard software and authoring tools such as Adobe® Creative Suite®, Microsoft® Office®, SOLIDWORKS®, Adapt, Totara, Adobe® Captivate® and PTC® Arbortext® to produce technical documentation and training products that are easily accessible, informative and impactful. Our versatile professionals can work within most proprietary software or legacy systems within your department or organization. We pride ourselves on being flexible and completely transparent with your project. We also believe in true collaboration with our clients to achieve the highest-quality end products.  

Custom Training That Teaches and Refreshes

We collaborate with your training instructors and help you develop an entire curriculum and platform that aligns with your learning and development goals and objectives. Attract and retain new technicians entering the workforce by offering exciting and new content via online micro sessions and custom training programs. We have experience developing annual and biannual technician certification training courses designed to refresh and improve knowledge retainment. 

  • Flexible to support you during any phase of a project, or from start to finish
  • Creative content enhancement for improved user engagement
  • Trackable student data offered through analytics
  • In-house services for nearly all aspects of training

We offer this and much more! How can we help improve your print and training needs?


Ken Cook Co. has a large selection of pre-printed generic owner’s manuals for the U.S. and world markets.