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Customers and Technology a Focus for Ken Cook Co.

Customers and Technology a Focus for Ken Cook Co.

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Ken Cook Co. will be exhibiting at ATD's TK/TechKnowledge 2016 Conference and networking with customers.

Professionals from Ken Cook Co. are heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for the ATD TK/TechKnowledge 2016 conference. The group includes Vice President of Information Technology and Creative Services Greg King, Learning Management Systems (LMS) Administrator Aaron Murray, Business Solutions Specialist James Moist, and Outside Sales Executive Jared Hackbart. The conference theme, “Reimagine Learning,” encourages attendees to develop and deliver learning opportunities in meaningful ways.

“We are excited to exhibit at this event and see our customers. This is the first time for us,” says Jared Hackbart.

“At Ken Cook Co. we are always looking for new solutions for our customers. It’s important to keep looking at trends in technology and the e-learning industry,” notes Aaron Murray.

ATD TK/TechKnowledge 2016 offers plentiful opportunities to learn about the latest technology and learning trends. This event is designed for professionals working in the areas of e-learning design and development, virtual classroom design and development, gamification, learning management systems administration, social analytics, emerging technologies, and related fields.

Keynote Speakers

Hear Wednesday’s keynote speaker, David Rose, CEO of Ditto Labs, as he addresses “The Internet of Things.” Rose asks us to imagine a world where data from objects such as umbrellas and gas tanks actually flows through the internet. This author of Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things explains how to become part of Industry 4.0. In Rose’s future, products will become services and respond to our needs after getting to know us.

On Thursday, Kate Matsudaira speaks and inspires. She is Principal at Urban Influence and heads leadership workshops. She suggests that technology leaders often face unique challenges, including serving as the “face” of a team that most people do not understand. Co-workers often don’t know what they “do all day.” Kate also affirms how all employees are expected to be leaders regardless of their titles and will share strategies for leadership success.

On Friday, Brian Wong, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiip, will focus on mobile consumption trends and the question of whether or not we are in the age of mobile. He will address mobile from a consumer and economic standpoint and how it seems to be the solution for education in third-world countries. He will also explore how mobile technology is changing around the world and its effect on marketers and economies.

Additional Information

For details on the event, click here.