Desktop Publishing & Design

Desktop publishing & design

Let us help convey your message with layouts and visuals. Our desktop publishing and design staff will visually communicate how to use your particular product or technology on all your print and digital projects.

we create unique designs and layouts, and INSPIRE USERS TO TAKE ACTION

We rely on the proven fact that users are more likely to retain information presented through images, photographs and charts, so we strategically place text and art in just the right places. Our carefully crafted designs and easy-to-understand layouts literally inspire users to follow safety, operational and maintenance procedures associated with your product or technology.  

At Ken Cook Co. we also care about aesthetics. We design documents that catch the eye, have personality and will be aesthetically pleasing. Let us use the latest design trends, honor traditional design concepts or truly innovate to create something completely new.


"Ken Cook Co. brought the value of expertise to the project and helped us maintain our reputation as a cutting-edge company.
Kirsten Waldschmidt, Marketing Specialist, Kinetics Climax, Inc.
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Learn more about how we continue to stay ahead of emerging technologies, developing ways they can be used to better meet our clients’ needs.


You’ve worked hard to develop and maintain your branding, so we’ll stay true to your special look, style, logos and colors.

We’ll provide on-time desktop publishing and design services for:

  • Service, installation and owner’s manuals
  • Parts catalogs
  • Training programs
  • Marketing materials
  • Other technical documentation projects (digital and print)


We work with a variety of platforms and software to get the job done, including Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe® FrameMaker®, Adobe® Photoshop®, XML editors and others.