The power of data

Across organizational departments such as; sales and marketing, operations, quality control, safety compliance, legal and regulatory, the utilization of integrated data proves beneficial in ways previously impossible. Not only will the use of properly collected data drive increased efficiency, it will help improve your learning and development strategy and provide for an enhanced user experience for years to come.

Implementation with ease

SCORM or xAPI, LRS or LMS? Understanding the ecosystem of these relationships is the first step, the second is the implementation. During our initial strategy session, we work with you to develop a data integration strategy specific to your business learning and development goals. We are ready to collaborate on game-changing solutions, and provide complete transparency throughout the entire process.

"Ken Cook Co. brought the value of expertise to the project and helped us maintain our reputation as a cutting-edge company.
Kirsten Waldschmidt, Marketing Specialist, Kinetics Climax, Inc.
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Learn more about how we continue to stay ahead of emerging technologies, developing ways they can be used to better meet our clients’ needs.

What is xAPI?

The Experience Application Program Interface (xAPI), is an open data learning and performance data specification that collects the user experience across learning content, working learning systems, and other connected technologies. xAPI interprets data from different sources to communicate with each other and in turn report back to one useful data reference that Learning and Development (L&D) practitioners can use to improve the learning experience for their users.

Learning experiences are recorded in a Learning Record Store or (LRS). These record stores are available within many Learning Management Stores (LMS) or can also standalone. Some authoring tools may have the capability to utilize such information but may not always be supported by your organization.

Ken Cook Co. will help to bridge the gap between these platforms and provide for one centralized and streamlined admin area. Unleash the possibilities of xAPI integration to bring data together, reveal areas of improvement, and enhance your existing learning and development objectives.

We Can Help You Develop:

  • SCORM compliant strategies
  • xAPI compliant strategies
  • Data Analytics capture within the present ecosystem
  • Measurements and administrative reporting tools
  • Administrative dashboard reports and customization
  • Strategies to work with you existing IT department or third-party support

Need more information? We are happy to answer the call. Our experts are happy to have a candid conversation about your learning and development needs. What is your current e-learning landscape and how can we help improve it? We have the experience to make the data work for you and not against. Unleash the possibilities with our team by your side.