Safety Messaging

Safety Messaging

The safety-minded writers at Ken Cook Co. will communicate the safe uses of your products to your users through precise safety labels and messages in your product literature and on your equipment.   

Let Our Safety Content and Messaging Experts Help Keep You Compliant

We’ll collaborate with your compliance staff to ensure all safety messaging and content meets domestic and international standards such as ANSI and ISO. Let us help take the expense and worry about compliance off your to-do list.

We’ll provide safety messaging and content for:

  • Service, installation and owner’s manuals
  • Training programs
  • Product brochures
  • Other technical documentation projects (online and print)
"Ken Cook Co. brought the value of expertise to the project and helped us maintain our reputation as a cutting-edge company.
Kirsten Waldschmidt, Marketing Specialist, Kinetics Climax, Inc.
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Our Safety Messaging Writers Help Your Users Have a Safe Experience with Your Product

We want your users to have a safe and enjoyable experience with your product. Safety starts with the user, so we emphasize the importance of user knowledge and responsibility.  We write easy-to follow safety procedures to help ensure users properly operate, transport, maintain, and store your product while helping to reduce the chances of causing bodily injury to themselves or to bystanders. Our safety writing also helps users avoid damage to the product and to other valuable equipment and property.  

As Safety Experts, We Also Care About the Environment

Let us develop content that encourages environmentally-friendly usage, storage, and disposal of toxic products and promotes clean air and water.