Training Delivery

Training Delivery

Accessibility to quality training is key for your learners. As experts in training and technical communication, Ken Cook Co. will assist you in choosing the most effective form of delivery for your training content. We offer methods from instructor-led classroom training to personal coaching.

One Size does not fit all

Today’s training delivery options must be flexible and adaptable. They must consider the ever-evolving nature of technology and the hectic lives of on-the-go students and employees. All to often a single solution may check off one box, but may neglect others on your training needs list. At Ken Cook Co., we pride ourselves on providing complete training solutions, developing a strategic training plan, and creating an impactful user experience. We’re experts in customizing delivery methods to grow with your unique training needs and not just ‘fit’ them. Need to add plug-ins? Want special integration with other platforms? Need a storefront or e-commerce? We’ve got you covered. 

"Ken Cook Co. brought the value of expertise to the project and helped us maintain our reputation as a cutting-edge company.
Kirsten Waldschmidt, Marketing Specialist, Kinetics Climax, Inc.
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Learn more about how we continue to stay ahead of emerging technologies, developing ways they can be used to better meet our clients’ needs.

Printed binders versus big-budget online courses

Let’s debunk this way of thinking. Printed binders are great for training, but imagine the lasting impact on trainees who had access to an online mini course alongside printed materials. Yes, your learners deserve the best of both worlds. Our collaborative roadmap session will help you discover the appropriate training approaches and help you combine them to reach your training goals.

Providing the Best Support for Your Various Training Delivery Methods:

  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Interactive user engagement
  • Hands-on training
  • eLearning course modules and micro sessions
  • Video walkthroughs and instructions
  • Self-paced learning

At Ken Cook Co. we use proven concepts such as Bloom’s taxonomy to help customize a training delivery plan for you. For instance, visual learners may gravitate towards videos and graphics while  kinesthetic learners respond best to hands-on demonstrations. 

We’ll help you provide your learners 24/7 access to your training content via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. We’ll implement the training using state-of-the-art authoring tools that can create dynamic course structure, allowing your students and employees to easily learn material  through a self-directed step-by-step processes. Your production teams can even learn on the factory floor. 

Part of your training delivery includes tracking user data. We’ll help you track data collected from your users’ profiles and capture data and analytics so you can analyze and report on the progress, proficiency, preferences and satisfaction of your users. Use this data to tailor your content as needed. Most Learning Management Systems (LMS) currently allow for such features, and we know how to work alongside them to provide for a streamlined experience.

Discover the journey

Whether you have existing training in place or nothing at all, we will work closely with you to enhance your current delivery or create training from the ground up. We start by conducting the roadmap session, or discovery phase. During this time we will evaluate your current training environment and help you define your current training goals. This roadmap session will help us identify the proper training methods so we can start building a strategy or plan tailored towards your specific needs.