Defining the standard

We take great pride in our contributions during the past 75 years that have helped to define the industry standards used today.

Understanding your

Understanding the industry in which you serve is very important to us. We take the proper steps to thoroughly understand your target audience and you industry’s unique needs and challenges. Market trends and research help guide us in our strategic planning and the solution offering for your project. For example, Marine training goals may be different than that of Construction. We are here to help recognize, discover, guide, and empower throughout the entire journey.

Stronger and longer-lasting fabrication materials, better propulsion systems, clean fuels, intricate engine concepts, advanced onboard navigational aids, enhanced communication and geo location tracking systems along with advancements in hull designs are all important topics of communication in the marine industry. With these improvements, service training and maintenance knowledge must elolve. We have been a proud supporter of learning materials in this industry since the 1940’s.

Advancements in integration software such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) will drive efficiency when managing construction projects. Prefabrication and Modular construction projects are great examples of current industry trends that focus on efficiency and cost savings due to rising material costs. Sustainability and Safety are constantly being improved upon within this industry and prove to be an area of focus with most of our existing customers. We support many of our clients with efforts to keep their content current regarding these market trends. Providing safety operating manuals, online operator training courses, or additional maintenance and service instruction print or e-learning training, or simply creating parts catalogs with these trends in mind, is something we have perfected over the years.

With over 21 million jobs tied to the agricultural and food manufacturing industry within the U.S. alone, there is a growing need for clear concise education and training to serve that workforce. Farming equipment is just one area we have experience in supporting through parts catalogs, service manuals, and safety operating procedure training.

Employees benefit from clear and concise instructions regarding Standard Operating Procedures, especially as they relate to process and machinery. Investing in your workforce through comprehensive training programs and detailed oriented print materials that support certified training will help to reduce the cost associated with downtime and production errors. Our focus is to support with the education and safety messaging improvements within your workforce.

Creating content for service and parts information booklets, automated production of printed materials through the use of custom online bookstores, allowing for expedited fulfillment. Ongoing development efforts to support online training courses to educate technicians on new products.

Although we specialize in servicing a handful of specific industries, our service offerings span across all industries. Tap into the wide variety of knowledge and creativity shared among our team of professionals. From practical experience to formal certifications, take advantage of our vast pool of resources. Our print production and fulfillment services, combined with our training services, allow for an impactful user experience.