Kit Building

Kit Building & Assembly

The first impression is the one worth making. Package all your documents and materials with our reliable in-house assembly and distribution services.

Handle with care because we care

Our business thrives on quality assurance. We care about our clients complete print experience. By offering order fulfillment and distribution, hand insertion options, and collating services, we ensure a true end to end solution for your printing needs.


"Ken Cook Co. brought the value of expertise to the project and helped us maintain our reputation as a cutting-edge company.
Kirsten Waldschmidt, Marketing Specialist, Kinetics Climax, Inc.
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Learn more about how we continue to stay ahead of emerging technologies, developing ways they can be used to better meet our clients’ needs.

At the final stage of the print process there is one last thing to consider, building kits.

We offer the option at our facility to organize your print documents into one unified collection of collated documents for distribution. Leave a lasting impression on your audience and provide them with all the print documentation, sales or marketing materials they will need, in one unified assembled collection. 

What is typically included within a kit:

  • Multiple print documents and brochures 
  • Promotional marketing items and sales materials 
  • Bonus media materials such as DVDs or CD-roms 
  • Certifications for completions of various training courses 
  • Safety or operational decals and application instructions 

Kit builds allow you to consolidate the quantity of materials shipped, and streamline the experience for both the sender and receiver. By offering the option to hand insert items, you can customize kits with small details in the ever changing fast paced business environments. The possibilities are limitless!