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Learning Management System Opens Doors for Ken Cook Co. Customers

Learning Management System Opens Doors for Ken Cook Co. Customers

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Discover the key features of the Learning Management System available from Totara Learning, a New Zealand company.

Ken Cook Co. recently announced its partnership with the New Zealand company Totara Learning, which offers exciting e-learning and training services for Ken Cook Co. customers. Totara Learning provides open-source learning platforms for corporations of all sizes.

Out of hundreds of LMS vendors in the e-learning marketplace today, why did Ken Cook Co. choose Totara Learning? Aaron Murray, Learning Management System Administrator at Ken Cook Co., explains, “With Totara, there are endless options for customization and plug-ins. That is revolutionary. Plus, many Fortune 500 companies have adopted Totara LMS as their learning platform.”

Because the Totara system is crowd-sourced, a community of Totara partners, developers and clients is working together to continually improve the platform and provide new features to make learning more engaging for the e-learner. The structure is based on Moodle, the leading open-source platform in the education industry today. Here are some key features of the system and what they can do for Ken Cook Co. customers:

Social Learning

Ken Cook Co. and Totara Learning know that corporate and work-based learning in isolation can be dull. The Totara system encourages e-learners to collaborate and communicate in meaningful ways. It gives learners the ability to add comments to content, vote on ideas, ask questions, and get answers. Totara’s forums, chats and blogs further enhance the learning experience and deepen e-learners’ understanding of the content.

Individual Learning Plans

The learning plans in Totara make it easy for managers to see the learning, competencies and objectives employees are currently tackling. Both the learners and managers can quickly see their progress, upcoming deadlines, mandatory tasks, and priorities, which makes the learning experience more enjoyable and rewarding for e-learners and more measurable for managers.

Managing Compliance, Certifications and Programs

Ken Cook Co. and Totara Learning understand that keeping track of compliance and certifications can be daunting for customers. Totara’s system makes it simple to define and manage the structure of certifications and recertification paths. The manager can easily set expiration dates and edit notification templates to automatically send tailored messages to learners. Managers can quickly report on the compliance statuses and track upcoming expirations and progress.

Seminar Manager

For the e-learner, this feature allows face-to-face learning, which is still a highly effective training method in the e-learning sector today. Advanced tools in the system will efficiently organize and manage the training, schedules, rosters, notifications, and attendance.

Mobile Learning

Ken Cook Co. believes in the importance of offering convenient mobile apps and file distribution systems for global teams. Totara’s system does just that, providing close-at-hand mobile learning for on-the-go customers. It is designed to fully adjust to the devices that learners are using (desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones). Totara also lets the manager add an HTML5-based mobile app that can be branded to match the look and feel of the LMS.


Totara believes in rewarding and encouraging learning. Managers can assign badges to learners for completing an activity or a set of courses. The badges also help companies easily identify specialists within the organization.

Join us for an Introduction to Totara LMS 2.9, a free webinar hosted by Aaron Murray, Learning Management Systems (LMS) Administrator at Ken Cook Co. Click ‘Register’ to view available dates and times.

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