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Has Your Print Evolved with Your Business?

Has Your Print Evolved with Your Business?

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Print is not dead. It’s not a zombie either, but it will walk around aimlessly if you haven’t allowed it to grow or evolve with your business.

Print has not crawled away to die. It’s alive and well and making impressions all over the world. Customers of all kind still need high-quality printed service, installation, and owner’s manuals. Sales teams often request glossy brochures, training guides, and other printed marketing materials. We understand that today’s businesses want many things from their printer:

  • Quality
  • Customization
  • Speed
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Customer focus
  • Innovation
  • Reputation
  • One-stop shopping (desktop publishing, graphic design, technical writing, training course content creation, training program development, e-learning, translations)

Let’s review some common concerns with printing today and how Ken Cook Co. solves these unique challenges.


  1. Challenge: You print large quantities and worry about print materials becoming obsolete over time.
    Solution: Replace bulk orders with smaller orders through on-demand printing solutions.

Take advantage of digital storefronts and on-demand printing solutions like those Ken Cook Co. offers. With a digital storefront, your customers go to your branded site and order their desired quantity – one or one-thousand manuals. Ken Cook Co. will print the latest content and ship it to your customers on your behalf.

This digital storefront solution prevents excess materials from sitting stagnant, reduces print costs and prevents a wasted paper apocalypse. Imagine eliminating the hassle and expense of having to carry and oversee overstocked, slow-moving or obsolete titles!

  1. Challenge: You need large pallets of printed materials but don’t have storage space.
    Solution: Have your large quantities printed and stored in one location.

For certain projects, you simply need to have large print orders. We understand, we (heart symbol) apper. Ken Cook Co. offers reliable storage of large-pallet print quantities within our climate-controlled, secure, organized warehouse. We monitor inventory daily and ship direct upon request. 

  1. Challenge: Printing takes too long and is outdated by the time I get it.
    Solution: Digital storefronts and print-on-demand solutions offer speedy ordering and printing solutions and ship quickly.

Zombies typically move slowly and seem quite ineffective. In the print world, we move fast! Once we receive a print-on-demand order, we send it to production on our high-speed machines. Next, we ship the latest content out to you or your customers anywhere across the globe.

  1. Challenge: It shouldn’t take that long to hit “print,” so I’m tempted to have my office admin just take care of it.
    Solution: Choose a printer with decades of expertise so your staff can focus on other tasks.

Free your staff to use their brains and talents on their primary roles. Ken Cook Co. has dedicated experts who excel in print production and fulfillment. With 75 years of experience serving customers in the automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, and marine industries – we know a little something about supporting customers and exceeding their print expectations.


  1. Challenge: Customization is hard to come by. We don’t want to print on paper, and are looking to customize our marketing materials.
    Solution: Choose a printer who prints on special materials and does variable-data printing.

For that extra “wow” factor, we print on a variety of materials, including plastic, metallic films, cellophane and paper. We also offer variable-data printing. Let us change the text or graphics from one piece to the next so your customers have a truly personalized experience when your marketing materials arrive at their doorsteps. Ask us about all your custom jobs and unique requests.


An Abundance of Cost-Saving Print and Fulfillment Options

For nearly two decades, our on-demand printing solutions have saved our customers substantial costs per year. Let us convert your warehouse cost center into a revenue generator. Eliminate the gruesome possibility of your print inventory aging on a shelf in a warehouse where dust-monsters dwell. We’ll manage and archive your database of digital files, manuals, and other documents in your secure and exclusive library. Ken Cook Co. makes it easy for your customers to order these files in printed form, through cloud services, or via backup CD/DVD/flash drive with same-day shipping.


What is Ken Cook Co.?

As a flourishing single-source provider of print, training and creative services, Ken Cook Co. never relies on zombies to “go through the motions” and simply meet deadlines. Our employees (many of them industry veternas) thrive on combining the best resources and know-how to complete your print projects cost-effectively and on-time.


Contact Ken Cook Today to Experience How We’re Evolving

We’re evolving to meet your unique printing needs and to delight (never frighten) you and your customers. Contact us today to learn more about our evolution as printers and technical communicators.