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Ken Cook Co. Acquires NMMA Boat Owner’s Manual Business

Ken Cook Co. Acquires NMMA Boat Owner’s Manual Business

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The NMMA and Ken Cook Co. recently announced the transfer of NMMA's boat owner's manual program to Ken Cook Co.

Ken Cook Co. and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) recently announced the transfer of NMMA’s boat owner’s manual program to Ken Cook Co. Plans are underway for Ken Cook Co. to enhance the ordering process with a digital storefront. NMMA’s boat owner’s manuals were designed to help the recreational boater safely operate, maintain and enjoy their craft. The manuals themselves will not change during this transition.

What this Transfer Will Mean to You

What will this transfer mean to you and your boating customers? Having a digital storefront will mean more convenience as well as faster and simpler ordering processes for your boating customers.

1. Your customers will be able to place orders of any quantity 24/7 online through the digital storefront.

2. We’ll be able to process orders immediately via credit card as a convenience to your customer and to you.

3. We’ll send shipments typically within 24 to 48 hours of the order (depending on volume). We’ll even handle expedited shipping if your customers are in a rush.

Robert Newsome, Vice President of Engineering Standards for NMMA, said, “Owner manuals are important resources for recreational boaters, and NMMA has provided them as a service to our members.” He added, “The transition to Ken Cook Co. will be seamless, as they are the ideal partner for this program with their extensive marine industry experience, as well as programming, printing and fulfillment capabilities.”

John Jost, Director of Marine Solutions for Ken Cook Co., remarked, “Given our active involvement with a number of marine associations including ABYC, NMMA and WSIA, we are committed to bringing value to our customers with the latest regulations and safety information.”

Ken Cook Co. Proudly Serves the Marine Industry

Ken Cook Co. assists more than 50 boat builders with their print, training and mobile efforts, offering services such as printing and binding, technical writing, desktop publishing and design, mobile and web app development, and online training programs. The company is known throughout North America and Europe for producing owner’s manuals for the marine industry, and our international manuals are based on the Small Craft Directive for the EU and other markets that specify the ISO 10240 standard.

About the NMMA

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the leading trade organization for the North American recreational boating industry. Its member companies produce more than 80% of the boats, engines, trailers, marine accessories, and gear used by millions of boaters in North America. NMMA is also the largest producer of boat and sport shows in the U.S. Learn more at

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For more information about the transfer of this program to Ken Cook Co., contact John Jost, Ken Cook Co. (, 414-847-1234) or Kelly Kaylor, NMMA (, 312-946-6262).