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Ken Cook Co. Partners with Totara Learning for E-Learning/LMS

Ken Cook Co. Partners with Totara Learning for E-Learning/LMS

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Ken Cook Co. is partnering with Totara Learning, one of the top leaders in open-source e-learning/LMS programs.

With literally hundreds of e-learning and training vendors in the marketplace today, it’s hard to know which vendor is the best fit for your company’s needs and which vendor can adapt to change. You can count on the expertise at Ken Cook Co. to help you find the right e-learning/Learning Management System (LMS) for you.

In this fast-paced world, you know your company must make training and e-learning a priority to improve the quality of your products and services, to invest in your employees, and to adapt to ever-changing technologies. Your challenge is that you don’t know where to start. Likewise, your employees know they must constantly learn new skills and techniques in order to boost their performance and to improve company services. Their challenge is that learning can lack engagement and excitement.

Ken Cook Co. understands this need for finding quality training and e-learning. In fact, Ken Cook Co. was a technical skills instruction pioneer in the 1960s, in a time when learning methods focused on cumbersome textbooks and manuals and an instructor babbled on and on for hours. Our self-paced audiovisual teaching machine, the SR100, became our first electronic learning system. This advanced machine offered interactive testing and hands-on learning. Soon courses and equipment were installed in vocational schools across North America. The self-learning packages included engines, motorcycles, outboard engines, and welding equipment.

Today, as we are determined to continue to offer quality e-learning and LMS to our customers, Ken Cook Co. is proudly partnering with Totara Learning, one of the top leaders in open-source e-learning/LMS programs. The name Totara Learning was inspired by the Totara tree, a species native to New Zealand and prized by the Maori and early European settlers for a variety of uses. It is a tree symbolizing flexibility, strength and durability. Totara Learning’s blended approach to e-learning and training features instructor-led, self-paced online education combined with social features to enhance the learning experience and make learning more fun and interactive. Totara Learning emphasizes learning plans showing the competencies and objectives employees are tackling, including deadlines and priorities. Companies can monitor their employees’ progress and direct them to access learning activities from their specific learning plan.

Partnering with Totara allows Ken Cook Co. to offer complete customization of the e-learning and LMS systems for our customers. The partnership is a natural progression for our company, a technical skills instruction pioneer, to find a quality, flexible, open-source service to maximize the e-learning and training experience for companies across the globe.

To learn more about e-learning and training at Ken Cook Co. and how it can help your engagement and profitability, click here.