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We’re Speeding Up Storefront Set-Up Time

We’re Speeding Up Storefront Set-Up Time

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Start distributing literature to your valued storefront customers weeks sooner and start making money right away.

Building a storefront is critical for many companies. Your customers want technical and marketing information at their fingertips in a pinch. Meanwhile, the process of building a storefront can be difficult and time-consuming. If you are selling thousands of products, a storefront can literally take months to build and launch. Not true anymore!

Our Secret is Magento

At Ken Cook Co., we use Magento Community Edition for our storefronts, which leads to a significant time savings for you, possibly shaving weeks off of your set-up time. Magento is a leader in the storefront industry with an emphasis on quality infrastructure. In fact, Magento is the number one e-commerce platform according to the 2015 Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 list.

Building the Site Faster

A storefront with a few hundred products can be launched in just a few weeks or less once you provide basic information. This includes product details, a vision of how the site should be organized, and what payment and shipping options you want to make available to your customers. You choose from two designs or have us completely customize a design. Once we get the product-related files from you, we build the site.

No matter how many products you sell, Magento’s upload feature lets us tackle thousands of products in one single import, which results in a huge time savings. Read more about Magento features here.

We then set up the storefront framework, colors and logos, and we closely communicate with you as the site gets built. Once you are satisfied with the overall look, the colors, the navigation, and the payment and shipping features of the site, we launch it. Our communication and project management saves you time by eliminating several unnecessary drafts and edits.

Printing and Fulfillment

Your products are your technical and marketing pieces of literature. This literature includes brochures, owner’s manuals, sell sheets, folders, specification sheets, service manuals, booklets, branded notebooks, and much more. We can print literature for any type of industry. Once the site is live, we can print just one copy of a document or thousands of copies. And, did you know that we can handle fulfillment, too? We can keep your frequently requested print jobs in stock to make the ordering and shipping process faster for your customers. Do you have company-branded giveaways that you wish to send out with every print order? We can take care of that, too.

Request Your Storefront

Imagine having your storefront weeks sooner so you can start distributing useful literature to your valued customers and start making money right away. Contact us for details.