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Ken Cook Co. Sponsors NMMA/IMCI Seminar

Ken Cook Co. Sponsors NMMA/IMCI Seminar

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Ken Cook Co. recently sponsored the NMMA/IMCI Boatbuilder CE Certification Seminar.

Ken Cook Co. recently sponsored a Boatbuilder CE seminar hosted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI). Ken Cook Co. provided branded notebooks for the attendees.

The attendees were boatbuilder engineers charged with making sure boats are in compliance with CE regulations. The seminar focused on the technical and procedural requirements for exporting boats into the European Union. For details on the event, click here.

Unlike the U.S., an owner’s manual is required by law for selling in the European Community (EC) market(s), and owner’s manuals must be in the official community language. Ken Cook Co. produces generic international owner’s manuals that are available in up to 19 languages. For more details on Ken Cook Co. and its technical documentation services for the marine industry, click here.

Ken Cook Co. partners with the NMMA, which is committed to creating, promoting and protecting an environment where members can achieve financial success through excellence in manufacturing, in selling, and in servicing their customers.