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Making Learning Management System Customization Effortless

Making Learning Management System Customization Effortless

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Ken Cook Co. gives you the ability to customize your Learning Management System and add plug-ins to make it truly your own.

According to, it is estimated that between 2017 and 2018 the Learning Management System (LMS) market will grow by roughly 23.17%. As LMS grows in popularity, customers expect more and more from their LMS provider. As a customer, you want your LMS to be adaptable and change as your needs change. You want your site to have personality. With Totara LMS, customization takes little effort. Every few years, customers are updating the look and feel of their websites. Their LMS site should easily reflect these periodic changes in look and feel.

“One of the main reasons we chose Totara as an LMS provider is the ability for customization and plug-ins. The options to make this system your own are almost endless,” notes Aaron Murray, LMS Administrator at Ken Cook Co.

Theming and Aesthetics

Choose from thousands of themes, admin-based fonts, colors, and buttons. Themes can be functional or non-functional. Totara LMS can be themed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, JavaScript and many other coding languages to give your site a unique look and feel. Add logos and colors to truly make it your own without the custom cost of branding. You can easily change the interface. Simply build off an existing base and continue modifying the site to look the way you want. At Ken Cook Co., we can even completely design a custom theme for you if needed. We can essentially make your LMS an extension of your website.

“You can make the interface as vanilla or as fancy as you wish,” says Murray.

Flexibility, Functionality and Integration

Need additional functionality? Want a highly customized site? We want your Totara LMS customization experience to be a fun and flexible one. Our end goal is to deliver a quality and engaging site for you, and ultimately your users. We communicate closely with you to discover what your needs are from an aesthetics, branding and functionality point of view. We work to understand your short- and long-term goals.

Need to integrate your LMS with other platforms to maximize sales, human resources and customer service? is a popular integration. Integrate your LMS with SAP® (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing), which handles many business applications and tracks sales, production, financing, accounting, and human resources. Integrate your LMS to your Oracle® databases to help you manage data. Some customers want their LMS integrated with SugarCRM, which automates sales, customer service and marketing processes.

At Ken Cook Co., we can ensure that your site handles coupons/gift cards for pre-paid courses. Let us help you integrate your system with OpenBadges, which creates and issues badges for various competencies, or let your LMS cross with OpenSesame so your users can access thousands of popular courses.

Need storefronts and e-commerce? We can integrate your site with LMSCheckout, the software for online stores and retail sales, or we can integrate it with a Magento® storefront, so you can start selling products and literature to your users.

Some LMS customers want to know about the possibilities of social and meeting-based integrations, such as AdobeConnect, GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, and Google hangouts. At Ken Cook Co., we offer integrations with these services and more.

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Need a certain type of functionality or integration with your LMS? Simply contact us to let us know your needs and we can get to work on finding a tailored solution for you.