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Our Digital Storefronts Blend IT Functionality and Printing

Our Digital Storefronts Blend IT Functionality and Printing

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Read how we're a digital storefront provider with incredible IT functionality layered on top of quality, affordable printing services.

Digital storefronts give your customers 24/7 access to purchase your marketing and technical literature and other products. Once the digital storefront website is live, your customers can easily navigate it and order just one copy or thousands of copies of the documents and other products they need to get their jobs done. We quickly print and ship those documents and materials to their location.

What makes Ken Cook Co. unique in the digital storefront world? We are a printer and digital storefront provider with incredible IT functionality layered on top of the quality, affordable printing services.

System Integrations for Your Digital Storefront

We’ll make sure your digital storefront can handle:

  • UPS shipping rates (costing and tracking information)
  • credit card and payment processing
  • tax integration
  • delivery times
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, such as

Internet Connectivity and Built-In Redundancy

The uptime percentage for our digital storefronts is over 99%, meaning the internet connection is up and running just about all of the time. We host your digital storefront website with a solid infrastructure. What also makes us special in the printing world is that we have both copper and fiber cabling for our internet connection, making for a more strong internet connection and allowing for redundancy.

“Most printers don’t have the level of IT infrastructure and the onsite development team that we do. These attributes make us quite unique in the printing world,” says Greg King, Vice President of Information Technology and Creative Services.


We regularly perform full backups to ensure your digital storefront data is protected. Our backups are automated and scheduled. Shadow copies of data get made constantly, so there’s a one-to-one duplicate of each file (a full copy or clone of each file, as opposed to only saving changes on the file). We store that data on tape and disk. Our software validates that our backups are being done and informs us if there’s a problem. We also have offsite backup capabilities for further data protection.

Onsite IT Team

We have a team of experienced onsite developers to support your digital storefront. These developers can identify, field and fix an issue related to your digital storefront quickly should an issue arise.

Project Management

Our in-house expert project managers communicate with clients about digital storefront orders and oversee special requests such as expedited shipping.

Contact Us

Ken Cook Co. is uniquely equipped to handle your digital storefront and printing needs, thanks to our IT services and the expertise of our IT and project management staff. Contact us for more details on getting a digital storefront up and running