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Printing On Demand through Our Storefronts is So Easy

Printing On Demand through Our Storefronts is So Easy

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When your customers navigate your storefront, they can use our powerful print-on-demand services, whether they need one copy printed or thousands.

Ken Cook Co. makes storefront ordering and printing of your technical and marketing literature a breeze.

Before, it wasn’t possible to just print one copy without exorbitant fees. Now it is doable with our high-end digital printing capabilities. Our powerful on-demand printing services and our easy-to-navigate storefronts enable your distribution channel partners and consumers to order a single copy or thousands.

The hassle-free, warehouse-free process is so easy, and the entire transaction is seamless:

1. Customers can place orders of any quantity 24/7 online.

They go to your storefront, which is full of useful technical and marketing literature. Your storefront is branded with your logos and colors, essentially looking like an extension of your company site. They navigate the site and find what they need. If an issue arises, they can contact our customer service team, who will get involved via phone or e-mail to provide additional support.

2. We process orders immediately via credit card.

We integrate dealer orders within their parts accounts. We produce the files on demand, using our high-quality one-off print services and our new Ricoh Pro™ C9110 high-end digital press. Whether it’s one copy or thousands of copies, we get the printing, binding and packaging done quickly.

3. There is no warehousing/inventory involved for you.

Using our print-on-demand document services eliminates your entire warehouse of printed publications and the expense of having to carry and manage overstocked, slow-moving or obsolete titles. Without stacks of literature cluttering up your office or warehouse, you have additional space for more important company endeavors. If you wish, we can warehouse your printed products with our Cook Fulfillment Services®. Contact us today for additional information about our fulfillment services.

4. We send shipments typically within 24 to 48 hours of the order (depending on volume).

We even handle expedited shipping if your customers are in a rush.

5. You get paid.

You get the revenue from the sale and a competitive advantage in the marketplace from our on-demand print capabilities. Your customers and dealers get unparalleled support and quality printed pieces.

Contact us to learn more about how our on-demand printing capabilities turn your printing and literature fulfillment cost center into a revenue generator … one printed piece at a time.