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Top Three Reasons You Need a Digital Storefront

Top Three Reasons You Need a Digital Storefront

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With complex machinery and products comes the inevitable detailed product instruction manual and other forms of literature to help the end-user better understand your product or service. It is very common for customers to reference multiple manuals and diagrams for just one piece of machinery. This repository can easily grow to a large collection of printed documents and become challenging to manage. We can help manage, maintain, and turn your repository into a revenue-generating eCommerce digital storefront.

1: Accessibility is Freedom

Imagine allowing your users access to view and order print versions of your technical and non-technical literature and instruction manuals 24/7 – from any device. Unlock the potential for profit and empower your audience by providing them an easy way to purchase valuable product documents. Every transaction is secure for your users, and various levels of administrative permissions ensure security, control, and data insights for you.

2: Variety: Let Them Eat Cake

Your users’ individual information needs vary in different ways. Our digital storefront allows you to add variety to your inventory to meet their specific needs. Our custom-branded digital storefront sites are easy to navigate and make ordering easy. For example, a dealer’s service department may be interested in purchasing prints of a service maintenance manual while a trainee may gravitate toward product safety manuals and product information booklets. Perhaps an instructor needs to place a bulk print order of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) booklets for his upcoming instructor-led class. Meet your customers’ needs head on and carry more variety in your inventory of instructional manuals and other technical literature. Want even more options for your users? Add online training courses or seminars alongside your documents and manuals and witness increased user engagement.

3: Rich Analytics: Oh the Data

Digital storefronts offer analytics and reporting features (based on comprehensive data), which provide valuable insight into user engagement. It is easy to identity what is being ordered and how frequently. Use analytics reports to improve the content of the materials offered. Tracking and reporting adds insight into proving documents remain relevant to user and product needs. Use these data reports to push scheduling of orders to individual facilities or individuals. Capturing and analyzing the data will help you drive improvements toward your literature-selling goals.


Ken Cook Co. Can Help

Regardless of size, quantity, paper type, or binding option, we have the know-how to print your technical and non-technical literature quickly and easily. Our on-site printing facility houses full-color and black and white machines to offset cost. Get a quote on printing your instructional manuals, training guides, marketing pieces and more today!

We pride ourselves on being a single-source provider of print, training and creative services. Ken Cook Co. is a Milwaukee-based industry leader of innovation in technical communications. Serving the manufacturing, automotive, construction equipment and marine industries nationwide, we have focused our mission to develop and distribute clear, concise technical information for our customers over extended departments and on various platforms. By providing custom solutions using emerging technologies, we continue to serve our clients on the forefront of innovation.


Additional Benefits of a Custom-Branded Digital Storefront

Contact us to learn the many benefits (for you and your customers) of choosing Ken Cook Co. for your online literature-selling efforts.