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Why is a Digital Storefront Ideal for Networks?

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Why is a Digital Storefront Ideal for Networks?

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Did you know that digital storefronts are ideal for networks, such as stores, global teams of sales and service representatives, and partners?

Businesses rely on numerous networks to run successfully, including supply, transportation and service networks, just to name a few. For a list of networks that help the business world, refer to “Types of Business Networks” on If your sales and service crew or your network of stores is scattered across multiple cities or the globe, set up a digital storefront to easily get printed materials and other products to your teams and partners when they need them.

A digital storefront allows you to quickly and effortlessly showcase your important technical and marketing literature and other products to wide networks. It starts with your digital storefront website, and once the site is live, your customers can easily navigate it and order just one copy or thousands of copies of the documents and products they need to get their jobs done. We quickly print and ship those documents and materials to their location.

How Digital Storefronts Help You Automate Processes

“A digital storefront alleviates the burden on administrators. Typically there are people at a company who tackle several administrative processes that a digital storefront can easily handle (placing orders, fulfillment, warehousing, answering customer inquiries, etc.),” says Brian McGowan, Vice President Corporate Services at Ken Cook Co. Why not have an attractive and easy-to-use digital storefront to help you automate all these time-consuming and often manually performed processes that are prone to human error?

Our digital storefronts have:
Fast set-up time so you can start earning money right away
Print-on-demand services so printing can be done exactly when people need it
Warehouse-free printing to eliminate storage of stacks of printed materials
Impressive printing results, thanks to our new Ricoh Pro C9110™ high-end digital press
Fulfillment possibilities, too, keeping frequently requested print jobs in stock to expedite your customers’ ordering and shipping
Easy-to-use reporting features so you can discover trends about top-selling products and obtain other useful information

Digital Storefronts are Perfect for All Kinds of Networks in Multiple Locations

Sales Teams: Does the sales team need marketing materials such as brochures, sell sheets, branded notebooks, and flyers for presentations and trade shows to do their job effectively and with confidence?

Service Teams: When these professionals need installation, service and owner’s manuals, repair guides, policies, and other technical documentation to perform their work, count on a digital storefront to get them what they need. Safety is also a concern for service teams out in the field, so why not make safety documents available to them, too?

Stores: Individual stores within a network can order the documents and products they need from your digital storefront and have these items on hand quickly to promote and conduct their business. Let us handle printing and shipping store-related policies, training documentation, reorder forms, special sale signs, window clings, and banners.

Dealers and Partners: Dealers and partners often need marketing materials such as brochures and flyers in addition to technical documentation (service and owner’s manuals). Safety documents are also popular items.

Training: Do the trainers and educators in your network need training manuals, flyers and certificates printed and shipped? We’ll take care of that.

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