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Why Not Create a Digital Storefront to Make Money and Catapult Your Training Efforts?

Why Not Create a Digital Storefront to Make Money and Catapult Your Training Efforts?

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Combine our digital storefront services with your training endeavors so you can start selling courses and training materials online and making money.

Want to offer online training to your distribution network and customers? Want to generate revenue through online training courses? Why not do both by setting up a digital storefront to sell your courses? Let us create your digital storefront so you can sell and distribute your Learning Management System (LMS) and other training courses and capitalize on your investment.

Monetization is a major trend in the world of training today, as companies want to generate revenue while offering educational services. Online training is also more popular than ever. Remember the days when the only way to learn was for outside trainers to come into your office for the day to lecture? Those days are going away as training shifts to online courses and e-learning opportunities. Some of the courses that used to be taught in schools, universities and training centers are now being offered online. Today 71% of leaders of for-profit colleges and universities say their schools offer classes online, according to EdTech’s article, “50 Striking Statistics about Distance Learning in Higher Education.”

It’s Easy to Get Started and Maintain a Digital Storefront

1. Create a set of courses and determine prices.

2. Partner with Ken Cook Co. to build the digital storefront site quickly, often shaving weeks off of set-up time.

3. Start selling your courses online with an attractive, easy-to-navigate digital storefront that incorporates your colors and logos.

4. Get paid.

5. Generate accurate, easy-to-read reports to help you discover trends about the best-selling courses or busiest times of day and make key decisions going forward.

Why Choose Ken Cook Co. for Your Training Digital Storefront?

  • Ken Cook Co. offers a one-stop solution. We are:
  • Quality digital storefront providers
  • Printers with decades of experience offering cost-effective options
  • Training experts with years of experience in technical skills instruction

Combine our digital storefront services and printing skills with your training endeavors. We can also print your courses, training guides, service manuals, marketing brochures, branded notebooks, reports, and certificates and ship them to your customers. Qualifying customers can even earn a no-cost storefront with Ken Cook Co. Contact us for details.

Benefits for Your Customers

Your distribution network and customers will find the site easy to navigate. They will have the opportunity to purchase training courses at their convenience. When they are actually ready to learn, they can train on their own terms, anytime, anywhere.

Let’s Get Started

Catapult your training efforts with a digital storefront. See additional details about digital storefronts here. Contact us with questions.